Cell and Gene Therapy Industry workshop

Wednesday 25th April 2018

World Courier Heathrow (Feltham, United Kingdom)

Cell and Gene Therapy Industry workshop, part of the World Courier Knowledge Series

2017 was a tipping point for the advanced therapy industry. Reaching commercialization more rapidly, the industry is now presented with new challenges to its logistics infrastructure. Creating commercially viable supply chains is essential but requires the definition of a logistics platform that enables therapies to efficiently move through it as required, in the early stages of the process.

This workshop intends to provide an environment for industry professionals to meet and exchange with other subject matter experts, facing similar challenges in their own supply chain. The interactive format will consider aspects related to current and future business models for each industry as well as the challenges moving from clinical to commercial stage. This session will include workshops with industry leaders providing additional input and insights into how to integrate operations and build a logistics platform.

Who should attend?

Supply Chain, Logistics and Transformation managers as well as Purchasing managers interested in Cell and Gene Therapies.

Key Learning Objectives

Discuss current and future business models specific to each industry
Gain insights into the challenges moving from clinical stage to commercial stage
Identify potential solutions to challenges in transportation and data integration using the combined experience in the room

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