Roslin Cell Sciences relocates to larger premises at Roslin BioCentre

Released: Thursday 28th January 2016

 Roslin Cell Sciences relocates to larger premises at Roslin BioCentre

Edinburgh, Scotland, 28th January 2016

Roslin Cell Sciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roslin Cells Ltd, has moved its operations for production of human pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for drug discovery to the Roslin BioCentre.

The recently created company is returning to the site where its parent company was founded in 2006.  It brings a team of 19 staff and will occupy a number of laboratories specially adapted for generation, expansion and testing of human iPSCs.  These facilities compliment the company’s existing facilities in Cambridge. 

The move doubles the laboratory space available to the company further enabling the development of its capabilities for creating large numbers of iPSC lines from various cohorts of donors in support of commercial and academic drug research.  Creating cell lines in this way will enable drug research to better understand how drug performance varies between individuals due to their genetic variation. 

Roslin BioCentre is a world-leading ‘centre of excellence’ for life sciences and the location of choice for a wide range of successful companies.

On the south side of Edinburgh, Roslin BioCentre is less than seven miles from the centre of Scotland’s capital city. Roslin BioCentre is in a unique, rural location in the shadow of the Pentland Hills and located just off the Edinburgh City Bypass on the outskirts of the small village of Roslin, home to the famous Rosslyn Chapel.

John Mackenzie, CEO of Roslin BioCentre stated: “I am delighted to welcome our latest new tenant Roslin Cell Sciences to our burgeoning community at Roslin BioCentre. With their 19 new staff, they will add an extra and exciting dynamic to the building. Roslin Cell Sciences have been a pleasure to work with thus far and we very much look forward to future collaboration with them and indeed to their future success”.

Aidan Courtney, CEO of Roslin Cell Sciences stated “Moving back to the BioCentre provides Roslin Cell Sciences with the facilities and support it needs to deliver on expanding our capacity and extending our capabilities in stem cell processing.  As the demand for induced pluripotent stem cell derived models of disease to support the development of new drugs increases, we will be extremely well placed to ensure its customers get the full package of services they require.”

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