Special SLA member training opportunity

Released: Tuesday 12th December 2017

The June HR SIG discussed training and leadership in particular. A point was made that while many individual members may not have enough people to fill a leadership programme, there was interest in members taking one or two places. Doreen Davidson spoke highly of their programme delivered by SLA member, Robertson Training. In particular, she highlighted the characteristics profiling aspects to better know yourself on the way to gaining more productive relationships with the people around you.

The downloadable factsheet from Derek, Robertson Training’s MD. It includes all the essential information you need. 

We believe that there are additional benefits to members getting together for a programme like this. Networking, sharing practice, problem solving will all come from a successful programme. And it is all risk free as you have a guaranteed 200% refund if your participants do not meet the programme’s training objectives.

Productivity through leadership


The June 2017, HR SIG meeting discussed leadership and management training. There were comments about small companies not being able to bring in quality providers like ROBERTSON. The solution offered was for SLA to offer a programme with ROBERTSON where members could send one or more participants.

As well as satisfying the need for improving productivity through a leadership and management programme, members are certain of increasing their network and opportunities for mutual help by being part of the programme.

In summary
• One-day workshops each moth for five months.
• All materials and characteristics profiling included.
• Access to the facilitator outside of the workshops for support.
• Risk free with our 200% guarantee if participants do not meet the training objectives.

The programme

The modern leader
This is about performance through the traits of a modern leader and the journey from the organisation’s purpose to what individual team members do day to day.
You explore the dynamics of teams and their “norms”. Actions include celebrating the ones that work for you and changing the ones that don’t.
Everything DiSC® Manager profile
Using the globally respected Everything DiSC® profiling, you will receive your results (at the workshop) in a 27-page personalised report. You will action plan how to achieve better results through your team. Sessions include how best to direct and delegate, motivate and develop different types of team member, plus get buy-in from your manager.

Coaching for performance
You are already good at your technical job and so can give people advice and tell them the answer. Coaching is the other end of the spectrum. This workshop helps you engage your team by helping them arrive at their own answers to problems. It’s a transferrable skill so you can look forward to using it with external contacts and in your personal life.

Leading successful change
This is about implementing change ever more effectively to help your organisation achieve its objectives. Equally it is about creating confident and agile workers with an increased change capability.

Conversations that count
This workshop features the enabling skill of behaving assertively and then touch on influencing, persuasion and performance conversations. A conversation that counts for you may be giving a colleague feedback on his/her performance, being clear about your expectations or speaking with someone about their short-term absence.

Our central Scotland, Stirling facility, The ROBERTSON Training Centre.
Modern bright training facilities with free parking and wi-fi Smart Technology. And a loop system

For each place, the investment is £800 plus VAT. Payment on booking.
Alternatively, payment by standing order at £165 plus VAT each month.

Next steps
To book your place(s) all you need to do is get in touch with
• Elaine McGown
• Elaine@robertsontraining.co.uk
• 01786 447 548
• 07713 519 603

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